Earth Peace

Humanity's Evolutionary Life Potential

How do you want things to be in this world? Do you have a vision?

We see a world of integrated relationships between all forms of life on our planet.

A place where individuals become undivided and integrated: Mind, Body and Soul functioning harmoniously through healing and the sequential maturing of heaven and earth within ourselves which manifests itself in action and deed with one another and the world around us.

A place where the places and things we create exist in harmony with the ecosystems of the earth and the living creatures around us; each existing in their natural order - complimenting principles of science and spirit working in accord.

A place where food nourishes, strengthens, and supports our growth and development as human beings.

To create a model/template for collective learning, to evolve progressively toward a more secure foundation to create and maintain our living in humanity’s fullest potential and a world living in Peace.

It starts with you and I:

  • Having a vision for a better world to come
  • A new vision for your life and better awareness about the important issues in your life
  • Getting the tools needed to discover your value and special gifts
  • Obtaining practical knowledge in order to heal body and soul
  • Understanding the World and I and how that effects transitional change for people, the planet and the animal inhabitants

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